Running a successful business, but not at the expense of our planet

As a company, we want more than commercial success alone. We also want to be known as a company that is committed to social responsibility. SuperFlora is a company that takes its responsibility to society seriously.


We work according to the strictest certification standards.

Working with natural products such as flowers and plants brings additional responsibilities with it, such as our responsibility to refrain from unnecessarily depleting our planet’s natural resources. That responsibility begins with the cultivation of our products. Our growers comply with all certifications that are commonplace in the British retail industry. Retailers can therefore be assured of procuring sustainable products that are grown under conditions with respect for people and the environment.


Giving people a better chance of a dignified existence.

Wherever products originate from Africa, we promote Fairtrade. This way, farm workers in these countries can count on what we consider normal working conditions and fair wages. As a partner of the Waitrose Foundation, we take this one step further. Employees of our producers can count on broad support in the areas of water supply, education, health, and environmental protection. At Dutch Flower Group, we have developed a similar initiative – the Dutch Flower Foundation, which aims to improve the welfare of people in our production sites all over the world.


Where we can do with less, we do with less.

We also contribute to sustainable conditions in other areas. Packaging and shipping are links in the chain in regard of which we are still making progress every day. Flowers that are shipped to our processing site in the UK from other countries are delivered in reusable boxes and buckets. We also separate other packaging materials for recycling and, rather than using plastic, we develop alternative materials that offer the same protection but with less impact on the environment. Green waste serves as compost and broken pallets are recycled locally.

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