Head office

A dedicated support team is at your service.

Our main office is established in Honselersdijk, in the heart of the Westland greenhouse horticulture area in the Netherlands. Home to a multitude of importers and exporters who are always looking for something new, or different, or more efficient, this is an inspirational location indeed. Our head office houses all our support services: a diversity of teams that are responsible for purchasing, quality management, commerce, corporate social responsibility, supply chain management, marketing, customs processing, and human resource management.


Our operational division remains close to our customers.

The operational division of SuperFlora is concentrated in Newport, in the UK. To guarantee the freshness of our products, plants and flowers from our cultivation sites all over the world are shipped directly to Newport. Here they are packaged, wrapped in customer-specific packaging material, and prepared for further shipment – seven days a week.

A flourishing business

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