The chain explained

Taking care of everything. From the initial order to the final delivery.

Fresh products such as plants and flowers require the shortest possible chain between the producer and the consumer. SuperFlora is as efficiently organized as possible to ensure that the most beautiful floriculture products in the world reach the racks of retail organizations in the best possible condition.

Sourcing and purchasing

Everything is sourced directly from our own network of growers.

In order to guarantee a consistent quality of living products such as plants and flowers on the shop floor, these items require special attention. SuperFlora procures its products exclusively from an established network of growers, most of whom are affiliated to us on the basis of exclusivity. We know exactly where the most beautiful plants and flowers are grown all over the world. These growers satisfy the high quality standards imposed on certification by retail organizations in the UK and Ireland. That's why we don't see our growers as our suppliers but as the partners in our success.

Category management

Data-driven advice on optimizing your product range.

The sale of floriculture products demands a great deal from a retail formula. The number of different varieties of plants and flowers alone is overwhelming. SuperFlora helps you, as a retailer, make the right choices for your formula. Thanks to our expertise, we always have an up-to-date picture of the must-haves in our product range and of potential novelties.

As we collect data on the sales of flowers and plants at shop level on a daily basis, we know exactly which products are most popular on the shop floor. We also have a clear understanding of the targets that a category manager wants to achieve. Combining this information allows us to make continuous adjustments to your product range. We do this with the greatest possible flexibility, with a view to ensuring a perfect balance between your sales targets and the sales you have actually achieved.


Packing and packaging directly, without any detours, straight from the UK.

Fresh products such as plants and flowers require the shortest possible lines. That is why SuperFlora concentrates it processing activities in Newport, the UK. Our staff of 350 is dedicated to processing our orders, quickly and efficiently. They do this seven days a week, working in two shifts. As a result, our customers can count on a short response time, regardless of volumes.

All plants and flowers are shipped directly from the greenhouse to the UK. Our entire stock is processed and prepared for shipment in less than 24 hours. This means that you can be assured of the freshest products possible in your floriculture section.


We have extensive knowledge of the UK and Ireland.

We cover all of the UK and Ireland from our site in the East Yorkshire town of Newport. Its strategic location ensures that all destinations can be reached efficiently. Once our products are in transit, we leave nothing to chance. That’s why SuperFlora collaborates closely with specialized freight forwarders who are highly experienced in the intricacies of shipping floriculture products. Their conditioned trucks ensure that the quality of your flowers and plants is safeguarded under all circumstances.

Efficiency first

The most direct route from grower to consumer