Dutch Flower Group

The power of collaboration within a single, worldwide group.

If there is anything that has made the Dutch floriculture business great, it must be collaboration. SuperFlora also has a turbocharger like this: Dutch Flower Group. We are able to retain our leading edge as an independent unit, with the efficiency of a large group at our back.

A family-owned and operated company

A leading player on the global floriculture market

SuperFlora is part of Dutch Flower Group, one of the largest companies in the world in the floriculture sector. Thirty independent companies, each active in its own segment, are clustered within one and the same group. As a family-owned and operated company, Dutch Flower Group is active in the trade of cut flowers, mixed bouquets and plants all over the world.

Stronger through collaboration

The ability to tap into the strength of a chain such as Dutch Flower Group considerably strengthens SuperFlora’s position on the market, particularly where global sourcing and purchasing are concerned. Conducting our purchases jointly with sister companies allows us to achieve significant economies of scale. The size of the Dutch Flower Group also makes it interesting for growers to affiliate themselves with us on the basis of an exclusive partnership. Companies in the group actively share their knowledge with one another with the ultimate goal of being of even better service to their customers.

Efficiency first

The most direct route from grower to consumer